White Roses: a gardeners guide to great varieties #6

White Roses symbolise purity, innocence and secrecy and are associated with honour and reverence making them perfect for planting in memory of a loved one. White Roses in a garden add a serene feel yet can be as impactful as fiery and vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.

My Top 5 White Roses

White Star White Rose

‘White Star’ Climbing White Rose

White Star‘ is a climbing Rose that glows beautifully when out in the summer sun. Its pure white flowers and yellow centres instantly give you that warm feeling that comes with the hotter months of the year and with little effort required to look after this white Rose, this really is a sensible purchase for those looking for a bit of extra sparkle in their garden. There is a very slight fresh fragrance with ‘White Star’, but it is much more about the look of the plant than the smell that makes this so special. Overall ‘White Star’ is an award winning white Rose that flowers all throughout the summer.
Sheer Silk White Rose

‘Sheer Silk’ White Patio Rose

The ‘Sheer Silk’ Patio rose produces a broad dome of pure white blooms, for a very fresh and clean aesthetic. An easy-to-grow patio rose, ‘Sheer Silk’ is ideal for small spaces on terraces or in the foreground of mixed borders. It grows to a height of 40cm, with a 60cm spread.
Ice Dance White Rose

‘Ice Dance’ White Patio Rose

Rosa ‘Ice Dance’ is a patio style white Rose with traditional flowers that emerge from pale pink buds all through summer, backed by lush, glossy green foliage. Beautiful in a container or towards the front of a border. Plant it in full sun with a moist well drained soil and it should grow to a height and spread of 60cm.
Snow Cap White Rose

‘Snow Cap’ White Patio Rose

‘Snow Cap’ is a patio style white Rose. The fully double white blooms have a ruffled look and are slightly scented and are tinged with yellow in the centre. Its delightful scent and great flowers make ‘Snow Cap’ a good choice for any garden. The compact nature and glossy foliage makes this a great rose for borders, containers, and patios. It is an easy to cultivate variety making it a good choice for both beginner and expert gardeners.
'Diamond '60th' Anniversary' White Rose

‘Diamond ’60th’ Anniversary’ White Floribunda Rose

Rose Diamond ’60th’ Anniversary is beautiful Floribunda type white Rose with lovely prolific, pure flowers held in clusters of up to 5. This Rose is the perfect gift to wish someone all the best because the blooms are not only beautiful to look at but the scent also is also a delight. The bright flowers are long lasting and will add a special touch to any bed, border or rose garden.
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