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Growing Avocados & Pomegranates by Adam Woolcott


We’re very lucky in the UK that our climate allows us to grow such diverse, fascinating plants and fruit.

You wouldn’t think it but we can actually easily grow two great super foods that are quite happy in the British environment – despite their more exotic origins.

Avocados and Pomegranates are two prime examples of this and providing you take the right steps pot grown varieties can thrive on your patio.

Avocados prefer slightly acidic soil so make sure you grow in ericaceous compost, the type that’s used for rhododendrons, azaleas and heathers for example. Continue reading

Patio Growing : Apricot Aprigold & Cherry Bing by Adam Woolcott


Growing delicious, sweet and fresh fruit in your garden has always been possible but now you can even enjoy this experience on a patio, balcony or even a concrete covered back yard!

Modern methods of grafting fruit varieties onto dwarf rootstocks means that trees that would normally become huge can now be kept small, compact and easy to manage but still produce full size, delicious fruit. Continue reading

Growing Citrus Fruit by Adam Woolcott



Growing citrus fruit is much easier than you might think and although growing a full size lemon or orange tree in the UK isn’t possible growing smaller plants that produce edible fruit definitely is!

One of the most important factors when growing citrus fruit is to use ericaceous compost this is lime free and acidic which is essential for healthy growth. When feeding your citrus plants it’s also important to use a specific citrus plant feed, these are normally liquid feeds. Continue reading

June Newsletter by Adam Woolcott


All of a sudden we’re at the beginning of June slap bang between the end of spring and the start of summer. Now is the time to reflect on the last few months in the garden and plan the summer months.

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National BBQ Week – Recipes from around the world


The dream of a sizzling hot grill cooking our favourite meats is no longer a central heating fuelled obsession – summer is finally here.

In celebration of National BBQ Week, LTGL have some found some of the tastiest (and unusual) BBQ recipes from around the world for you to try in your own back yard.

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Transplanting Seedlings


Transplanting seedlings to bigger pots and eventually into the ground isn’t as straight forward as it would seem.  Care needs to be taken concerning when and how you transplant your precious seedlings; otherwise all your hard work could be undone in one afternoon.

Top Tip: Unless there’s a heatwave in May, all you edible plants will need to be hardened off, before being permanently left outside to mature.  Do this by leaving the plants out during the day and bringing them in at night.  You can leave them outside permanently after a week and so long as night temperatures are on or exceed 12º – 13º (54-55 ºF).

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Creating the perfect lawn by Adam Woolcott


Creating the perfect lawn is a favourite British pastime and thanks to our damp climate grass grows very well in the British Isles. Modern breeding techniques have also created grass varieties for many different aspects and situations such as shady areas, high footfall areas and grass that looks like carpet for tennis courts and golf courses.

When creating a lawn the first thing to consider is what you wish to use it for, this will dictate the variety of seed or turf to use and the aspect and growing conditions.

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