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Why, Where and When to plant Hydrangeas


Originally introduced from Southern and Eastern Asia in the 19th century, Hydrangeas have been beautifying our gardens for over 200 years!

These summertime staples come in lots of different varieties of differing colours and natures so choosing a hydrangea and caring for it correctly can be a little overwhelming for gardeners. However it needn’t be, here are the basics behind growing hydrangeas.  

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UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day – Create a bookworm friendly garden


Aside from gardening, we mostly use our gardens for al fresco dining, barbecues, and reading, but for us nothing beats sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and a good book With the sun out these past few days there’s never a better time to get outdoors and flick through a few pages.

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April Newsletter by Adam Woolcott


Now the weather has finally warmed up and the soil has dried out, preparations for a fabulous summer garden can begin.

Before your perennials and shrubs get too advanced think about staining your fence panels, shed and other wooden surfaces such as decking. Use a pressure washer to clean patios, paths, decking, gravel and other hard surfaces.

Now’s an excellent time to prepare the lawn, follow these four easy steps to get a flawless green lawn.

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Growing and Planting Trixi® Plants


A new concept has evolved with three plants pre-planted into one plug creating a hassle free gardening experience. This lasted innovation has been designed to give gardeners a complimenting summer and autumn display whether it is a patio pot, window box or hanging basket, the Trixi® series will suit all needs.

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National Gardening Week by Adam Woolcott


The UK is blessed with hundreds if not thousands of world renowned gardens, and together they represent a staggering variety of garden styles and showcase thousands of different plant species.

There really is a garden for every taste here in the UK and they’re all brilliant places in which to enhance your gardening knowledge or even to begin a lifelong love affair with gardens and plants.

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How To Grow Sunflowers


Sunflowers are the epitome of the summer season when it comes to gardening; many of us associate them with very tall stems and big yellow heads. Traditionally this may have been the case, but now we’re spoiled with choice and can enjoy the ease of growing dwarf varieties or even scarlet coloured petal breeds.

Easy to grow and maintain, sunflowers do not require any additional care other than good compost, water and the occasional splash of tomato fertiliser.   All breeds make excellent cut flowers, all you need to do is add a drop of milk to 1 litre of water and the petals should stay healthy for 1-2 weeks.

You can also let them dry out naturally in a warm spot and harvest the seeds for eating or replanting the following year.

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What to plant in Spring by Adam Woolcott


Spring is an amazing time in the garden, suddenly we’re set free from the gloom of winter and once again we can begin planting.

In March you can still take advantage of cheaper bareroot or root-balled trees, fruit and shrubs. It’s the perfect time to plant a hedge, orchard or a fruit garden and fill your garden at a low cost.

As we move into April and the ground warms up and dries out you can begin planting summer flowering bulbs, corms and tubers – the choice is huge! Begonias, dahlias, freesias, gladioli, brodiaea, Sparaxis and lilies to name but a few. Also spring is a great time to plant certain bulbs ‘in the green’ such as bluebells, snowdrops and aconites. In the green simply means planting the live version of the plants and not the dormant bulbs.

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Planting in Raised Beds by Adam Woolcott

Kids VT & WB

Raised beds are a fantastic way to grow plants and vegetables as well as shrubs and bulbs.

Raised beds enable people who may find ground planting a struggle to grow plants. The height of the platform makes the planting and maintenance of plants easier and simpler, an ideal planting method for people with disabilities or back problems.

Raising the planting area makes gardening easily accessible and edges of raised beds also make great seating areas or surfaces to place pots, garden ornaments, drinks and hand tools.

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How to grow Tree Peonies

How to grow Tree Peonies image 1

There are few plants that can compete with the beauty of a tree peony in full bloom. A mature plant can boast in excess of a hundred exotic blooms, each measuring up to 25cm (10”) or more in diameter! The papery flamboyant blooms and interesting foliage of tree peonies gives the impression that the plants are delicate. However, the complete opposite is true – Tree peonies are long-lived, hardy shrubs.

These exceptional shrubs are hardy and disease resistant, and will continue to bloom for a lifetime. The exotic flowers of the tree peony are simply breathtaking in borders and make exquisite cut flowers for vases indoors.

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Planting hanging baskets by Adam Woolcott

hanging b 3

Hanging baskets are an easy way to bring colour to awkward areas such as fences, walls, posts, tree stumps and sides of buildings and sheds.

All you need to enjoy a hanging basket is a solid vertical surface to which you can attach a bracket – that and a little imagination.

We always think of hanging baskets basking in the sun but they can be tailored to grow in shady, windy or even dry situations by simply selecting the right plants.

There are many types of baskets, they come made of plastic, wire and even willow and linings can be made of moss, plastic sheeting, biodegradable cardboard liners, foam, felt or hessian.

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